So, you meet someone who asks where you're from, and you answer "Rockford." The person you're meeting then asks you "Which one?"  And you say..."Is there more than one?" Yes, as a matter of fact there is more than one Rockford here in the U.S. There are at least 20.

I knew there were one or two extra Rockfords on the map, but I didn't know we had at least 20 Rockfords (that I could find, anyway). Who knows, there may be many, many more Rockfords lurking about the country, but here are the ones we could find this morning:

  • Rockford, Alabama
  • Rockford, Iowa
  • Rockford, Idaho
  • Rockford Bay, Idaho
  • Rockford, Illinois
  • Rockford, Indiana
  • Rockford, Kansas
  • Rockford, Michigan
  • Rockford, Minnesota
  • Rockford, Missouri
  • Rockford Beach, Missouri
  • Rockford, North Carolina
  • Rockford, Nebraska
  • Rockford, Ohio
  • Rockford, Oregon
  • Rockford, South Dakota
  • Rockford, Tennessee
  • Rockford, Texas
  • Rockford, Washington
  • Rockford, West Virginia

So, feel free to mix and match next time you're out of town and someone asks where you're from. With 20 different Rockfords to choose from, you won't have to say you're from "outside of Chicago."

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