This little fella from Wisconsin lived to be twenty four years old before be passed away. It was a short life, for a short man. The shortest man in Wisconsin history on record. RoadSide

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Tiny John "Commodore" Lewis lived to be 24 years old, he was only 27 inches tall and he weighed 19 pounds, Wow, that is little!

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When he passed away in 1881, they gave him a BIG ceremony to celebrate his short life. Rightly so, could you imagine? This little fella lived to me 24 at only 27 inches tall, that's crazy.

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His tombstone is located in the tiny town of Ixonia, Wisconsin. This final resting spot for the big guy, comes with some odd spelling and controversy on his tombstone. CLICK HERE

The large writing on the tombstone reads:

John C. Oct 10 1856- March 21 1881

Weight 19 lbs

27 inches in HEIGH

The Smallest Man on Record

What the hell? "27 inches in HEIGH??" How do you have a misspelling on a tombstone? Especially for such a "big" person in Wisconsin state history.

Want to take a long trip to visit the little guy? Here ya go!


In tiny Bethel Cemetery. A half-mile west of town, on the north side of County Road P. Headstones face west. Look for the big gray tombstone closest to the road. The tan-colored Lewis tombstone is one row in front of it, several stones in from the road.

Wish it was a shorter trip, but it's a tall task to get up there for sure.

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