The dreaded warning of "not enough available storage" on your iPhone kinda sucks.

Belvidere Police Warn of Serious 911 iPhone 'Hey Siri' Prank
Sean Sullivan / Getty Images

Summer is coming the number of pictures and video you will be taking at City Market, out on the Rock River etc, will use up a bunch of space on your phone. Let's make sure you have plenty of storage available.

  • Identify What’s Taking Up The Most Space - Is it video, it is large group messages?
  • Load Photos To A Cloud Service - Alternative storage is available.
  • Manage Your Messages - Try Imazing to store must save messages.
  • Manage Your Apps - All of your Snapchat, Facebook, etc etc will eat space up!
  • Clear Your Internet Cache - Like on your laptop, if you do a lot of browsing this will make room.
  • iTunes Trick - The movie rental trick, check this out!





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