Should the Chicago Bears trade for New England quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo?

All the Chicago Bear's fans and Chicago sports media have their own opinion on who should be the next starting quarterback for the team. Many believe Jimmy Garoppolo should be that guy. recently talked to former Las Vegas oddsmaker, Kenny White from He did the numbers and compared Jimmy Garoppolo to Jay Cutler.

Here's what he figured out. Last season with Jay Cutler, the Bears were 3-13. If the Bears had Garoppolo, they would of finished 4-12.

According to Sportsline's computer models, this season the Bears would finish with 6.5 wins with Garoppolo and 5.3 wins with Cutler. With either quarterback, they have a 11% chance of going to the playoffs.

It's nice that Jimmy Garoppolo is an Illinois guy and went to Eastern Illinois University. He has a connection with Ryan Pace, who also went to Eastern. Is that a reason to trade for a quarterback?

Do you think Jimmy Garoppolo is the guy to take the Bears to the next level?


Sit back and enjoy as the Bears quarterback drama unfolds in the coming weeks.


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