Well, ladies and gentleman, not only did John Q. Public get the case of Carole Baskin's missing and or dead husband reopened for investigation, but the new investigation has led to new revelations into what happened to him.

If you recall, Jack "Don" Lewis, disappeared without a trace in 1997, and was officially declared dead in 2002. Nearly the entire estate, including the private zoo near Tampa that would become Big Cat Rescue, even cutting his children from his previous marriage out of the estate. Joe Exotic made claims over the years that Carole killed her husband, but most brushed that off as fuel in the fire of the big cat handler's rivalry.

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister told 10 Tampa Bay on Tuesday that two experts confirmed the will is a forgery, which only further's the internet theory that Carole killed Don, or at the very least knows more of what happened than what she's told authorities.

Being the will was executed 18 years ago, there aren't any charges expected to be filed against Carole because the statute of limitations has expired.

Every day it looks like Joe may be more accurate on the story than we thought.

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