Illinois police finally capture a serial thief whose target is liquor.

Isn't the rule of thumb for stealing to not go back to the scene of the crime? I think criminals have a problem with that one. They are never satisfied with just one job. Once they get the taste, they want to do it over and over. Until they finally get caught.

Here's a perfect example in Peoria, Illinois.

According to,

"A woman’s repeat booze-filching caper came to an end at a retailer. According to store employees, a woman had been shoplifting liquor through a simple scheme. She would arrive with a big purse, fill it with bottles of alcohol and put a case of water atop the purse. As she would go through check-out, a clerk would scan the water but not notice anything in the purse".

"However, in time, the store figured out the ruse. After she pulled the same scheme, an employee stopped her out front and found five small bottles of Crown Royal Regal Apple Whisky in her purse. The store called the police. Arriving to question the woman, an officer noticed something under her shirt. On the right and left sides of her waistband, the officer found a bottle of Jose Cuervo tequila."

"The woman admitted to having stolen liquor from the store before, typically selling the booze to others. Police confiscated her big purse as evidence."

Looks like she's going to have to actually purchase her own booze now and a new purse.

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