Do you think Rockford is haunted? On September 30th we will really find out. The Illinois Paranormal Conference is coming to town.


Veteran's Memorial Hall in Rockford has always been one of those locations mentioned when it comes to "ghost" activity in town. I don't think there is a better place to ave a meeting about the paranormal!

Saturday, September 30th from 10:30 am - 6 pm at Veteran's Memorial Hall things are going to get real, real scary.

The day long conference will feature guest speakers from all aspects of the paranormal. Steve Litteral from Tinker Swiss Cottage and Kathi Kresol from Haunted Rockford Paranormal Events are your hosts for The Illinois Paranormal Conference.

With so many places around town that are considered "haunted" will we finally get some local answers?

For more information about this event, so to The Illinois Paranormal Conference




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