The person across from you RIGHT NOW could be having a bad day, so be kind.


We know it and I know it, the world is a crazy place. Throw in our want and need to have everything presented to us "right this moment" through social media, and the anxiety of it all can make it even crazier.

Saturday is "National Act of Kindness Day", and a little kindness can definitely go a LONG way. Here are some great acts of kindness that will take seconds and will go a long way. You never know who will be having a bad day, so make this happen this weekend and know in your heart and head that a difference was made.

  • Hold a Door
  • Smile
  • Say Thank You
  • YOU tell the cashier to have a great weekend
  • Tip a little more
  • Put someone's cart back for them

Simple, but little things matter. Enjoy your weekend and be kind.



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