It's seems like recently, people are trying to run from the police.

If you follow sites like Rockford Scanner on social media, you can see people are trying to run from the cops more and more. Do they think they will get away with it?

Even if you intentionally get away, they will find you. Especially, with the technology that is out there today.

Last night I saw this posted on Rockford Scanner. The post was titled "Police Chase in Loves Park." It said "Around 10:44pm, police tried to pull over a Montey Carlo with it's lights off and door open while in motion. They car quickly sped off. Police chased for a couple miles. It stopped around Longwood. The driver was a female with a suspended licensed." (Rockford Scanner needs to work on their writing)

You have to like the fact the person was driving with their lights off and door open. No wonder their licensed was suspended. I would like to get a look at that Monte Carlo.

I started thinking, does this just happen in Rockford or elsewhere too?

I saw this story about something that happened in Florida. It was from the "After Hynum was handcuffed and put in the back of a Walton County Sheriff’s Office patrol car, police said he kicked out the rear driver’s side window and hopped into the driver’s seat — all while still cuffed. From there, the car “driven” by Hynum hit a fence, went down a driveway and ran into a barrier, at which point, the Texan took off on foot into the woods. Deputies caught him shortly afterward, hitting him with a Taser and cuffing him securely this time."

Then I remember something that happened to one of my friends in college.

It was down at Illinois State. He had gotten in a fight outside one of the dorms. The police came and broke it up. They separated my friend and the other guy. They put handcuffs on both of them.

They went to my friend first to get his side of the story. Then they went to the other guy. When they did that, they left my friend alone standing next to a cop car. When the police officers turned their backs on him, my friend ran away handcuffs and all.

He showed up to our after hours party handcuffed and out of breath. He told us what happened. Not sure why, but somebody had handcuff keys. They let him out. He never heard from the police.

Luckily, he got away with it. I don't suggest doing it, if you're ever in that situation.


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