Mount Everest is the world's highest mountain, and trying to climb it will do more than take a toll on your body. The climb to those that attempt it, will also torture you mind and soul.

Shelly Dippel is a trainer at Anytime Fitness in Roscoe. Her father Jim, will stop in on occasion when he is in town visiting. Jim is a 68 year old great-grandfather, who is in amazing shape. Little did I know, Jim attempted something that makes my workouts look like a walk in the park.

Jim Geiger attempted to climb Mount Everest. The circumstances that surround the filming of Jim's Mount Everest climb are terrifying. What was witnessed prior to the climb had to have played over and over in Jim's head during this brutal adventure. The single worst tragedy in Mount Everest history took place, prior to the climb and shooting of this film.

"Every single person has an Everest of their own." - Jim Geiger



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