When it comes to tipping there is an important rule to follow, especially if you're unsure whether or not your should tip. If it is something you can do for yourself, you should tip.

Example: any sort of delivery.

If you are physically able to pick up your own food (or whatever) but opt for delivery out of self-convenience, you should definitely leave a tip. (Out of guilt, I even tip when I get carry-out because there's a line for it on the receipt and I fill bad if it remains blank.)

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The backstory on this instance is unclear but the person who had items delivered to her home by a Walmart employee feels the worker deserves a tip. In fact, the customer feels the need to be so great she is using social media to find her delivery driver.


Again, the reasoning as to why the delivery person deserves a tip remains a mystery but we do know why she is looking for the delivery person, we also know the person works for Walmart.


In short, yes.

Here's what Walmart.com says about tipping the delivery staff.

How do I tip my delivery driver?

We automatically add a tip to your order based on your order total. You can edit or remove the tip in the app or on the website:- During checkout - on the Review Order screen

- After checkout from your Purchase History

- Within 24 hours after the order arrives from your Purchase History

The Roscoe woman shared screenshots of images captured by her at-home security cameras on Facebook.

Credit: Whitney Sue, Roscoe/Rockton Neighbors Helping Neighbors Group, Facebook
Credit: Whitney Sue, Roscoe/Rockton Neighbors Helping Neighbors Group, Facebook

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