Rescued from a bad situation, Rocky needs some love.

Photo - Dena Gates
Photo - Dena Gates

Rocky is the pops to some beautiful pups that have all been adopted, and are in loving homes. "Captain" was one of them that is now called "Harper" and is doing quite well.

Rocky went through a lot. Raised in an abusive situation, and often times found by neighbors literally "hanging". But then an angel by the name of Dena got ahold of this big guy. She trained him and showed him love before sending him on his way to a family.

Now comes this from Dena Gates:

I get asked often how Rocky is doing. I never had an answer, until today. Rocky is at county and has been there for a few days. He was picked up as a ‘stray’ and when owners were contacted they said he had been missing for a few ‘weeks’. Mending Hearts will be working on pulling him from the pound because the owners do not want him back.

Rocky is tough, Rocky is a bit of a knucklehead. But Rocky has love to give and DESERVES a great family.

Know someone that could help this big guy out and give him a home? I've been around Rocky a few times, he just needs LOVE. CLICK HERE for Mending Hearts, to get more info about Rocky.



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