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Face it, MMA star and Rockton native Corey "Overtime" Anderson could kick your ass. But on the flip side, this is a nice dude.

Corey spent time in the UFC and is currently fighting in the light heavyweight division in Bellator MMA. This star of the show "The Ultimate Fighter" has captured gold, beat the best and still has a lifetime of fighting AND hunting ahead of him. That's right, I said hunting.

Corey enjoys his time in the cage, but also enjoys his time in the great outdoors. I would have to imagine with the intense training that goes along with being a professional MMA fighter, that the quiet time outdoors is probably pretty good for Corey. Clear you brain, relax your body, focus on bow hunting and not where a the next fist is coming from.

Being a very competitive guy, the deer bow hunting game takes patience and attention to detail, a lot like the fight game. Corey is giving away his FULLY SETUP 2020 PSE NXT EVO 33 BOW! This bow is so intense, listening to Corey "Overtime" Anderson made me want to step in the cage with him and go at it! (Just kidding Corey, don't hurt me)

So here it is folks, you can win this bow owned by a local guy that has made a worldwide name for himself. Check this video out, from Rockton's own Corey "Overtime" Anderson. Look forward to seeing this guy strap 'em up again soon!

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