Rockford's Classic Rock President, Sammy Hagar, and Rockford's Hall of Famer, Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick, have teamed up to sell pizzas to help support music venues in Illinois.

Do you remember that time there was an election? Well, remember how crazy it was getting? So, here at 96.7 The Eagle we decided to do our own election that was going to be much more fun. It was to find Rockford's "Classic Rock President." That was cool. I feel like Chris Farley right now.

We took some of the biggest and best artists in Classic Rock and you got to vote tournament style for your favorite. The winner, chosen by you, was Sammy Hagar. If you need a refresher, check out the whole competition, HERE.

To go along with our newly elected "Classic Rock President," Rockford is also home to a Rock n Roll Hall of Fame band. You may have heard of them. Their name is Cheap Trick. Unlike the government, where people don't like to work together. Rockford's Classic Rock President and Hall of Famers, do enjoy collaborating. It would only make sense for Mr. Hagar and Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick to do a project to help out during these difficult times.

Many people and businesses across the state, country, and world have been hit hard financially. One of the industries that have taken an extra hit is the music business. The venues and employees have been out of work for several months with concerts put on hold. With the unique nature of their industry, it has been difficult for them to get assistance. Without help, smaller independent music venues could close permanently.

Legendary rockers like Sammy and Nielsen understand the importance of these theaters for up and coming musicians. That's where they get their start. Without them, there might not be bands like Cheap Trick. That's why they are stepping up to help out the situation. Luckily, Rick Nielsen owns a business that could lend a hand.

According to,

"Piece Pizza's Rick Nielsen and Rocker Sammy Hagar peddle pies to support Chicago Music Venues. From Thursday, January 14 through the end of the month, Hagar and Nielsen have teamed up to sell a special pizza called the “Classic Rockin’ Red 5150.” $5 from each pizza sold will go to the Chicago Independent Venue League."

Way to go fellas. Thanks for helping out. I look forward to seeing you live in concert sometime down the road soon.

Video: Daxx Nielsen from Cheap Trick Discusses The Nielsen Trust

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