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Driving south on Alpine last week, I realized that going 53 in the left lane wasn't nearly fast enough. By the time past the State Street four-way stop, I was passed six times on the right, with each driver going at least 65 miles per hour. I would have to put that as the most irritating Rockford driving habit...it's always a racetrack. Whether it's Alpine, Riverside, Perryville, etc...I don't think speed limits apply.

What are other irritating habits that Rockford drivers have? Tailgating goes along with the Sammy Hagar "I can't drive 55." Also, ever have someone whip right in front of you, without warning and turn signal...yes you have.

According to SWNS here are the Top Ten Most Irritating Things Drivers Do:

Using the phone while driving
Dangerous overtaking
Last minute braking
Unnecessarily harsh or sudden braking
Failing to indicate
Hogging the outside lane
Middle-lane hogging
Driving while tired

This is a pretty solid list, maybe it's not just Rockford. Sure, I will admit guilt on most of these. I try not to do a "dangerous overtaking" but seriously, who hasn't drove their car while tired.

Now how do you do when you are riding shotgun to someone driving like this? The one thing I've learned over time with my girlfriend in the passenger seat, is to be a BETTER driver...She gets car sick easily so I don't have a choice. Go the speed limit and stay MULTIPLE car lengths away from the car in front of us, all good.

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