I was watching this video on my phone when my husband said, "is that Jimi Hendrix?"

I can't even begin to describe how proud of Christopher I am.

Just about a month ago I introduced you to the 12-year-old guitar great Christopher Ruckman. After stumbling upon his videos on YouTube, I watched in awe as he jammed at a Rockford Guitar Center.

I had to bring him into the studio, I had to share his incredible talent with you!

I was stunned while I watched him play in our studios. Not only is Christopher extremely talented, but he is all around a great kid with a big heart. He loves classic rock, guitar, is a huge fan of The Eagle and music in general.

On July 1st, if you happened to be at the Rockford Rivets baseball game, you saw a familiar face performing the National Anthem.

It was Chris! He nailed it.

I love watching his celebration for completing the tune and seeing the joy his playing brought to the ball players saluting the flag. I'm beyond proud of Chris and I know you are too.

If you missed his incredible performance, you can watch it below.

Way to go Chris!

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