Thanks to a friends post on soical media, I learned that a former Packers favorite's son has been in town since Friday playing against the Rockford Rivets.

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Growing up a Green Bay Packers fan, I'm all too familer with The Majik Man. Don Majkowski is favorite among many in Titletown. Myself included. Majkowski was my favorite Packer for a long time. He was the first player I'd stand in line for every year at Fan Photo Day during training camp. We even had a cat named Majik.

So when I found out his son, Bo Majkowski, was a current player for the Green Bay Booyah and they were playing a four game series against the Rivets, I figured what the heck and decided to look into a game.

After a quick internet search I saw that the game Saturday concluded with a fireworks show, it was a pretty easy decsion to head to the ballpark for a night out with my girls!

It was such a great night for baseball, my kids and I had a fantastic time! The fireworks show was AWESOME!!

Plus I thought it was neat that Bo is wearing #7 just like his Dad! However, I'm confused as to what a Booyah is? I know you can say it to enunseate a point, but that's about it. Also why is a team from Green Bay wearing team colors that are blue and oragne. That's just wrong!

The final game of the four game series is tonight at 6:05p, click here to get your tickets.

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