There are a few surefire ways of getting yourself killed. You can drive your car around a railroad crossing as a train is barrelling down the tracks. You can kneel down and blow directly into a feral dog's face. Or if you really want to test the boundaries, you can walk on a frozen river when the temperatures rise above 32°.

Our friends at Eyewitness News caught some unsafe activity on the Rock with their Rivercam. Three dudes (come on, you know they're guys) were wandering out to the middle of the river earlier today. Temps rose to about forty degrees today and that weakens ice. It's over freezing. You get this, right? I don't need to explain any further. Take a look yourself:

That is no solid ice. The flow is moving under that ice and if you fall through, the chances are that the current will take you down under the ice. I don't know when I became the responsible on around here ,but here goes; DO NOT GO OUT ON THE ICE WHEN IT IS OVER FREEZING.