Which stateline community will be able to get a casino first, Rockford or Beloit?

It's been a topic of discussion for years. Will Rockford ever get a casino?

If you cross the Illinois/Wisconsin border into Beloit, they are asking a similar question. Will Beloit ever get a casino?

The race is on. First one wins huge for their city. There's no prize for second place.

According to mystateline.com,

"Rockford has a choice, they can either fight for this thing now or if Wisconsin gets one then it's really too late for Rockford."

Beloit is in talks with the Ho-Chunk Nation to be their next casino location in Wisconsin. While Rockford has been mentioned whenever the talk of adding more licenses in the state is brought up.

In either case, it means millions of dollars and thousands of jobs for that area. The loser will see money leave their town.

"Beloit is waiting on approval from both the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs and Governor Walker to approve the project. They hope to start construction in 2020. Syverson says if passed in the Illinois House in the next 30 days, construction on a Rockford casino would begin in 2019."

I believe they are located too close together for both to exist.

Who do you think gets one first?

If I was a betting man, knowing the state of Illinois, I would put my money on Beloit.


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