Those phony, scamming, phishing e-mails, went next level on me last week. I received an e-mail about a speeding Greenwich, Connecticut!

Those "speed trap" cameras are everywhere, and dang it...they got me, or something. Last week I received this e-mail telling me I was busted on camera going way, way, too fast. I don't know what the speed was but the fine was a whopping $223.91! I must have been flying.

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Now I have had a led foot in the past, and my share of speeding tickets...But I think the last one was 10+ years ago, so how embarrassing to get this one.

(Jack Atley / ALLSPORT)
(Jack Atley / ALLSPORT)

I love how easy they make this to pay, just CLICK THE LINK and make the payment...whew, I'd hate to have to go to traffic court in Connecticut!

David Lentz

There's one thing about this that bothers me a little. Yes, yes, I drive too fast, sure that's a good chunk of cash to pay, but...


So "Speed Camera Violations," kiss my...

Nightly City Traffic
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Do people fall for these scams? Rule #1 don't click ANY links in an e-mail when you don't know who it's from. Once you do that, they got ya.

You probably do this with your company, but we need to watch these training videos about "phishing and scamming e-mails" probably once a month...So someone has to be clicking. Yikes.

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I'll try to drive slower, but no promises.

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