Imagine if you were named after something historic in Rockford. A new trendy boy's name could be after a famous "TOWER" in Chicago. SkyParkSecure

Instead of Double T, maybe he could be Double Symbol or Double Sock Monkey...Doesn't have the same ring, but I like it.

Sock Monke
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Actually babies are being names after landmarks across the country and around the world, more and more. Visit a new place, see something cool, have a baby and name it after what you liked about the trip.

Most Popular Biblical Baby Names
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"Travelling to a new destination is always inspiring: after all, you’re getting to experience a whole new culture, see new sights, and sample different cuisines. It makes sense that you might want to commemorate one of your favorite places in the world by naming your child after it." - SkyParkSecure

So here are some examples of babies named after places and things...Let's start with the girls:

39,029 Sophia’s born over the last 20 years.

Florence, with 25,831 names registered over the last 20 years.

Others include - Victoria, Paris, India and Liberty.

Daniel Rice via YouTube
Daniel Rice via YouTube

What about the boys:

  • Ellis
  • Rio
  • Brooklyn
  • Milan
  • Rome 
  • Bryce

So what's the deal with a Chicago landmark that parents are using to name their baby boys?

Watchu Talkin' 'bout Willis??

Ladies and gentlemen welcome "Willis" to the world, as in Willis Tower. I like it, but gonna lie...that is a good name. Thankfully no "The Bean" or Lil Soldier Fields out there...I hope.

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