Up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin they have a mode of transportation called "The Hop." Remember "The Simpsons" episode about the "Monorail?" It's kinda like that, well at least the controversy is up in Milwaukee.

"The Hop" is a Milwaukee Streetcar that can get people to events, work, parks, stores, locations throughout the city with ease...AND THE RIDE IS FREE.

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Streetcars do more than simply improve mobility. By promoting development, attracting businesses, and helping to define our contemporary city, Streetcars benefit everyone. Streetcars add vitality to an urban setting, increasing commerce and activity around every one of the fixed stations and stops. - The Hop

Imagine "The Hop" in Rockford, connecting you different downtown locations...out to businesses on State, Perryville, and beyond. What about when you bring visitors to town for the first time? Instead of driving all over the city to show off the sights (even that Symbol thingy) you can do it in a safe, and comfortable way on "The Hop."

No more climbing into a creepy ride share with someone you have never met, this gets you where you need to go in a quick manor without the unwanted conversation from a dude that smells like three week old cottage cheese.

Want to go out to Rivets for a ballgame? How about down to the Coronado Performing Arts Center for a show? Or do you just need to get quickly to the grocery store for a gallon of milk and a stick of butter? Imagine the possibilities with "The Hop" in Rockford.

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