Mandatory recess could be coming to public schools in Illinois.

Who Does Not Love Recess

If I remember correctly when I was in grade school my favorite subject was recess. Well, that is what I told people. I did really enjoy it.

My friends and I would play football every day which is my favorite sport. I would come back to class hot, sweaty, and dirty. Sometimes with ripped jeans or a shirt.

From kindergarten through sixth grade, I had recess twice a day. The first session was in the morning. Then we would go out after lunch too.

Recess Is Currently Not Required

I swear when I was young, I had a teacher tell me that recess was required by law and we had to participate no matter what.

It makes sense to me because I think the students do need a little break. Plus, getting some fresh air and exercise is not a bad thing. I think the teachers do not mind it either.

Mandatory recess could be coming soon to the state of Illinois.

Mandatory Recess Likely Coming Soon To Illinois

According to,

"Recess could soon be mandatory at public schools across Illinois. A bill requiring 30 minutes per day of supervised unstructured recess for schools is now heading to Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s desk. If Pritzker signs the bill, the requirement will start during the next school year."


  • 30 minutes total (Two 15 minutes sessions is okay).
  • Recess would not be allowed to be taken through punishment.


  • Interrupts day.
  • Would have to hire more staff to supervise.

Honestly, I think it is a great idea. How do you feel about it?

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