Come on Joey, read the room.

There's an old Greg Giraldo stand up bit that I absolutely love. I can't find it online but it went something like this:

Ever notice that news anchors are always blaming the weather reporter for bad weather news?

"8 inches of snow? Thanks a lot Bob"

It never works the other way.

"A family of 5 dies in a firey car crash? Thanks a lot Steve."

I know it's not Joey's fault, but I definitely said something mean to him in my head when I looked at that graphic he Tweeted out earlier today.

NOTE: I, Joe Dredge, think that Joey Marino is a great meteorologist that is obviously very passionate about his job, and he's very, very good at it. I love anyone that shows the kind of passion and energy for their work that Joey does all the time.

Let's take a closer look at what Joey shared with his followers today.


This is a map that I had never seen before. It shows how "not normal" temperatures will be. It looks like we will break the scale over the next week. Temps will be at least 100% colder than normal over the next week.

<Extreme Ron Popeil voice>

But wait, there's more.

Here's what the next week looks like:


Same stupid 100% colder color, just more localized to our region.

If you're more of a hard numbers person, maybe this will hit a little harder:

Yep, that's some horrible news. It's that time of year where you just put your head down and wait for the first mild day in mid-March.

Thanks a lot Joey.

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