I love it when justice is served. In this case, it's sweet justice.

A Rockford man is facing several counts of federal mail fraud.

Oh wow! That's big time jail when it hits the federal level.

According to WREX, Todd Fendler is charged with not one but 19 counts of wire fraud and one count of mail fraud.

Mr. Fendler had been operating "several insurance companies in Rockford, including Surplus Market Solutions LLC, Northern Underwriting Managers, Inc., and Northern Illinois Insurance Agency, Inc" in which he took and used their personal information to take money out of their accounts.

He has been charged with defrauding 100 clients under his care, which equals to the amount of $800,000 stolen.

Yikes. That's just awful. I'm so glad the Federal Government caught him.

If he's convicted and sent to jail, let's just say Mr. Fendler may never see the light of day again as each count against him carries a penalty of "20 years in prison, and a maximum fine of $250, 000."

I say good enough for him. I'm just so sorry for all of those clients that trusted him.




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