A man from Rockford was arrested in Nebraska for having 168 pounds of marijuana.

Even after January 1st having this much weed will get you in trouble unless you're a dispensary. I hope the suspect claims it's for personal use when he goes to court.

Of course, the way he got caught was by breaking the law. That's criminal 101.

According to mystateline.com,

"Police arrested an Illinois man after finding marijuana hidden in his minivan along Interstate 80 in Nebraska. The Lincoln Police Department says the vehicle was stopped for speeding in Lincoln. A police dog alerted officers to drugs in the minivan, and they found 164 vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana under a black sheet in a rear cargo area. It weighed out to more than 163 pounds."

"The records show Terry Tucker, of Rockford, Illinois, is charged with possession with intent to deliver."

He's just giving Double T's in Rockford a bad name.


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