The hallway lockers in Rockford High Schools are empty because the students don't want to use them.

When I was in high school, my locker was very important. I kept my books, binders, and supplies there. It was too much stuff to carry around all day. Plus, I would keep my coat in there during the winter and my football equipment.

It was key where it was located. You wanted it somewhere easy to stop by in between classes to switch out your stuff. Of course, you wanted to be by your friends too. Some people even decorated their lockers.

One year my locker was in a bad spot, so I shared one with a friend. Just for convenience. Basically, you couldn't get by without a locker.

According to the,

"But at High School, in the year 2017, the locker has become the scholastic equivalent of the rotary phone. Students might not use them all year, keeping everything they need in more high-tech containers."

"It's just a binder, notebook and iPad, held neatly in their backpack. They never even find their locker."

My daughter is a sophomore at East High School in Rockford. She doesn't use a locker. In fact, she's never even found her locker. All her friends are the same way. In fact, most of the students at East don't go to their lockers.

She keeps everything in her backpack and carries it around all day. Some classes she uses a computer, so there's no book. Most of her classes that use text books, they are kept in class. For homework, they have a copy to use at home, a worksheet, or website she can look up.

Basically, she has everything she needs in her backpack. In the winter, she just doesn't wear a jacket because she's just going from car to school and then school to car.

Another reason a lot of the students don't go to their lockers, there aren't enough of them to give each kid their own. You're assigned a locker with somebody you don't know. I don't want to think bad of people, but I wouldn't want to leave my stuff with strangers.

I wonder if they will eventually get rid of all the lockers in high schools.

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