Honestly, I'm not a person who likes to complain about other drivers. Sure, I may utter the occasional profanities in my car when another driver irritates me, but I saw something while driving on Perryville Rd. last week that REALLY raised my blood pressure several notches.

I believe my family and I were sitting at the stoplight at Perryville and Spring Creek when the problem began, and it continued until we reached the light at Perryville and Guilford Roads. What was the problem you ask? Two guys on crotch rockets pulling standing wheelies down the road, slowing down traffic, and terrifying the drivers (me) that were traveling alongside them.

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Besides it being incredibly dangerous behavior for the bikers themselves, (of course they weren't wearing helmets), it's really dangerous to be a driver witnessing their stunts firsthand. I literally watched both of them nearly topple off their bikes as their speed declined, causing the cars behind them, and on the side of them, to have to slam on their brakes in case the bikers fell off. If you want to risk your own life pulling stunts like that, at least do it on a low-traveled road where you aren't putting others' lives at risk too. Please.

Reckless driving like this isn't limited to Rockford's main roads either, it's a big problem on neighborhood streets too according to mystateline.com. Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara recently told mystateline.com; “I think they’re going to get someone injured or killed, but there is little we can do that’s been effective thus far".

Rockford authorities know about the long-standing problem, and they are urging us all to report reckless driving behavior to police, whether it is on the main roads or on the streets of our neighborhood. Interim Rockford Police Chief Randy Berke told mystateline.com;

We would appreciate any information, such as where they reside at, so we know, in these particular neighborhoods, and they leave their residences, that neighbors see where they are coming from, where they are storing it, who they are, who their associates are. That way, we can follow up on that end of it.

Any reports will remain anonymous, so please report what you see so it can be stopped, ASAP.

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