Well if this isn't the #1 or #2 type of list you want to top, I don't know what is! Just be sure to wash your hands. While must probably take this for granted, apparently this isn't a tongue and "cheeks" situation for Rockford, because we are on the throne. MyStateline

When it comes to gas station bathrooms in the state of Illinois, Rockford wipes the competition and the seat clean. Congrats Rockford, you have the BEST GAS STATION BATHROOMS!

Check out this high praise about our gas station bathrooms:

"When you're traveling through Illinois, Gas Buddy recommends you visit the restroom wonderland of a Kelley's Market, which a survey ranked as the best pit stop bathrooms in the state." - Gas Buddy

Well if that isn't good to know! Gas Buddy gathered data from users of its smartphone app and ranked the best gas station restrooms in each state in the U.S. Bathroom ranking, now I've heard everything. Greatest taco, greatest beer, greatest pizza, and greatest bathroom! Way to go Rockford.

Rockford prides itself on the blue collar work ethic, striving always to be better. Developing new businesses and ways for people to get ahead. I love that about this community. Knowing where you come from and what keeps you humble. But also not being afraid to "step out" and be your own, whatever you want to be. Look at Cheap Trick, I love them but what a bunch of weirdos. They fit in nowhere, and made it.

Here's another crowning moment. We are #1 in gas station bathrooms.

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