Signs, signs, everywhere signs...But this one is damn good.

O.K. so littering, yuck. Driving to and from work and seeing crap all over the roadside is gross. From soda bottle, and diapers, to just about anything you can imagine...Just wait another 5-10, hell 30 minutes and throw it away at home. Please. Give a hoot, don't pollute....or something. Keeping were we live looking good, it's on all of us. It's the little things, you know?

Ok so let's check out this Rockford sign. It says an awful lot for a sign, it's pretty blunt, and hilarious. This is an epic achievement to have this posted for all to read.

I don't think I've ever seen so much information posted on a street sign. That's a lot of reading, but good reading. The tone is great, especially with this topic. Done with some wit and "comedy," but hits home pretty good. Let's take a look:

Gretchen Beaman
Gretchen Beaman

Whoa, how awesome is that...Let's review.


I am a Jerk.

I don't care about Rockford.

Someone else can cleanup after me.

All of the above.

Man, so good. LOL!  The City of Rockford nailed it with this, well done. Maybe a couple other ideas for this sign:

If you do this outside, I'd hate to see your house.

Your mother is watching, act accordingly.

Just. Don't.

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