Would you eat somewhere that is filled with ghost stories? Would you dine at a restaurant that is known to be haunted? One of the most haunted restaurants in the country, is in Illinois and not too far from us. Far&Wide

Let's get right too this because typing this is making me hungry.

Chicago Chop House located at 60 W Ontario St, Chicago is known as one of the most haunted restaurants in Illinois...Here's the scoop:

The Chicago Chop House is housed in a brownstone that once belonged to Robert Minier, an electrician who famously prevented a steamer ship from exploding in Lake Michigan but faced a horrible personal tragedy when his daughter, Florence, died at the age of 9. - Far&Wide

Sightings have happened throughout Chicago Chop House, but you can get the most spooky stuff happening on the 3rd floor. So what happens? What's so haunted about the place?

It’s believed that Florence haunts the property, with staff and patrons claiming to hear a child crying and the lights going off and on without anyone flipping a switch. - Far&Wide

Another online publication visited Chicago Chop House and came away with this:

It’s easy to see how the Chop House could lend itself to ghost stories. Some 1,400 photos hang on the walls, transporting guests to a darker, sootier, Capone-ier Chicago. Yes, the Chop House could be haunted, I suppose. Lounging in the dimly lit dining room, it’s easy to picture the ghost of a longtime proprietor suddenly materializing at the bar to offer you a martini. - TheTakeOut

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