Illinois is in the Guinness Book of World Records, because of man's best friend...Rocky. UPI

A 9-year-old Boxer named Rocky, is in the Guinness Book of World Records...Because of his record long tongue. Rocky's tongue is measured at 5.46 inches long! Eat your heart out, Gene Simmons.

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Rocky was a rescue pup years ago and is famous...not only because of the Guinness thing, but when he's out for a walk with his owners and even when he goes to the vet. Rocky is a star, because of his massive tongue.

Herald and Review YouTube
Herald and Review YouTube

So measuring your dog's tongue, kinda weird right? Luckily they have a great vet that thought this would make for something interesting and did the measuring.


Sadly the last record holding dog passed away this year, but this left Rocky in the top spot. The family went through all the paper work all the forms, all the work to get Rocky into the books...and Rocky measured in at 13.883cm which is 5.46 inches. A new long tongue champ is crowned.


Check out this video of Rocky, the pride and joy of Illinois!

What other Guinness World Records does the state of Illinois hold? Get ready for this people! PATCH

  • largest fruit display
  • most claps in a minute 
  • most lanyards worn at one time 
  • most glow sticks lit (by cracking) in one minute
  • oldest rabbit living
  • largest paper snowflake


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