James Purifoy, owner of 15th and Chris, was just featured on CNN Money as part of their My American Story Series.

James Purifory via Facebook

The article goes into James' personal struggles and how they led him to the successful business he now owns here in Rockford. He talks about his time in a gang as a teenager and how he ended up going to prison at 19. Purifoy went on to say that walking in the penitentiary was the wake up call he needed. Deciding that prison was not going to be a revolving door for him any longer.

Taking classes is what Purifoy did to pass the time. First receiving an associates in automotive technology. He followed that up with vocational certificates in building maintenance and custodial services. It wasn't until he went for an associates in the culinary arts that he found his passion.

And that passion is what led to him opening the popular burger joint 15th and Chris in 2014. Now he plans on expanding by opening another restaurant in Rockford. He hopes to have one with more indoor space so table service can be offered.

Collie Dog via 15th and Chris

Purifoy wasn't the only Rockfordians featured in the article. His Our City, Our Story video feature plays on the page with his My American Success Story page. Penguin Foods, where James purchases the ground beef and sausages for the restaurant, gets a plug as well.

But it's all part of Purifoy giving back to his community. He also lends his time by speaking with inner city kids, sharing his story in hopes it will help keep them on the right path.

"I speak with inner city kids just like me and I'm very upfront about my life story," he says. "I tell them that education is everything. If you know better, you do better in life."

Way to make Rockford proud James! Read the article in it's entirety here: http://money.cnn.com/2018/03/01/news/economy/james-purifoy-15th-chris/index.html