The dangers of grass clippings to motorcycles is shared by Rockford bikers.

It hasn't been a great spring so far but we've had a couple of nice days. The positive thing was they were on the weekend.

I immediately opened the windows of my house to get some fresh hear. Then I heard the sound of motorcycles driving down my block. That means better weather is coming.

I've even seen "Watch For Motorcycles" signs coming up in my neighborhood. Plus, many of my neighbors have started mowing their lawns. There's a reason I've mentioned those two things together.

According to,

"I'm sure you've seen grass clippings left on the road after someone mowed their lawn and for cars, it's no big deal but it can be deadly for a motorcycle. It's just like riding on ice."

This summer, when you cut your grass. Please make sure to keep the clippings off the street. By the way, it's illegal in Illinois and you could get fined up to $1,500.

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