Kris Williamson of Rockford will be showing off one of her many talents Thursday, January 26th at Top Cut Comics in Rockford.

Photo - Kris Williamson
Photo - Kris Williamson

O.K., let me explain the "many talents" part. Kris is a very creative person that has her hands in a lot of different entertainment projects. Kris has always been a writer, and has found success as the creator and writer on the web series, The Deadersons. Hey I was in two episodes!

Kris is the author of "The Wonderlandian Chronicles". I needed a description of the book so I turned to her partner in crime, Wyatt Elliott:

Its a modern fantasy adventure. It takes a new spin on the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland. A young working class woman discovers the books of Lewis Carol were all true and that she's a decedent from Wonderlandian people. - Wyatt
With that said, Kris Williamson will have her first book signing in Rockford on January 26th at Top Cut Comics (2439 S. Alpine Road) at 5pm. Stop by and meet Kris, buy a signed copy of her book and say hello.

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