A local author investigates crime in Rockford's past.

Kathi Kresol has written a book called 'Murder & Mayhem in Rockford Illinois.' The book is about the history of Rockford, it's history and it's troubling journey in crime.

Kathi Kresol via Amazon

The description of the book on Amazon says:

Rockford rightly prizes its prosperous heritage, earned by manufacturing concerns like the Rockford Watch Factory and the Manny Reaper Company. But the town once named Midway also harbors a history of crime and calamity. Gunfire broke out in the streets when networks of Prohibition informants slid sideways. In 1893, John Hart forced his own sisters to drink poison. Three years later, James French shot down his wife in the street. Over the years, a courthouse collapsed, a factory exploded and trains collided. Join local historian Kathi Kresol as she explores the mayhem milling about in Rockford's past.

The book was released this month and local author Kathi Kresol had a book signing event on Sunday. According to WREXmore than 100 guests were in attendance for the book signing.

Many times we think of the 'good ol' days' of Rockford, but the truth is Rockford has always had a murky past.

The book is available on Amazon for $17.05.