Back in 2004 as this rock band was leaving Chicago, they dumped somewhere between 80 to 100 gallons of LIQUID HUMAN WASTE on dozens of people taking a Chicago River Boat Tour...Yuck! SG

A massive law suit happened back on 2004 against the Dave Mathews Band. Their bus was leaving Chicago after the band played a 3 hour show of whatever it is that they do on stage. The bus driver Stefan Wohl unloaded to bands poop into the Chicago River, BUT the entire "unload" went onto a Chicago River Boat Tour that was carrying "persons with disabilities, senior citizens, a pregnant woman, a small child and an infant."

The band rep and bus driver denied doing this, we didn't drop any poo poo...But the Chicago Police Department had security video of the liquid waste drop. Ouch, busted dropping the poo on video!


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