Two Illinois men that were arrested at 4:56am and 1:32 a.m and  aken to the Clarendon Hills Police Department. They apparently went all "Kung-Fu" on the inside AND outside of the cop shop! PATCH

Jonathan Madison and Arsenyl Hall were both arrested for DUI in separate situations and taken to the police station to be processed. Both DUI's were well after midnight. Both of these men had the same idea when taken to get processed. Do some serious damage to the police station!

LP7, ThinkStock
LP7, ThinkStock

Let's start with Arsenyl Hall, Hall kicked in a Clarendon Hills Police Department window. Say what? This will go down as felony damage to state-supported property. His "king-fu" actions will come with a serious fine and time behind bars.


On to the other fella, Jonathan Madison. His DUI happened a few hours later at 4:56am. When Jonathan was taken to the police station, he knocked over two light posts in front of the department. That is some serious stuff, a lot behind that kick or punch.

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Again, this comes with another charge of felony damage to state-supported property. Guys, guys...what were you thinking? Not much apparently when you get a DUI at one and four in the morning.

Nothing good happens after midnight, folks. Unless you are in YOUR HOME. These two drinkies were on the same page, even though they weren't together. Perhaps "dumb minds" think alike?

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Say cheese, Illinois!


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