To quote Pete Townshend, "...he's got crazy flipper fingers...". Yeah, that was me as a young man with a driver's license and an indestructible attitude. That changed one day as a nineteen year old driving in my hometown of Arlington Heights. I remember it well.

I was at the intersection of Dryden and Frederick in Arlington Heights, near Ted Nugent's alma mater St. Viator High School. After finishing my superb complete stop at a four-way, I proceeded cautiously like the responsible driver I am. However the guy coming from the south did not stop and barrelled halfway through the intersection before ending up mere inches from my driver side door. So I flipped him off and combined swear words that normally don't go together and went on my way. This guy followed me the next few blocks until I pulled in to my friend's driveway. I get out and this guy exits his vehicle too. He was still wearing the weight-belt from the workout he just completed. The guy was huge and quite possibly full of 'roid-rage along with his road-rage. Anyway, I talked my way out of an asskicking and was taught a valueable lesson. Keep my finger to myself.

This guy learned his lesson the hard way.

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