Almost 2 million people use RMTD yearly, but the buses might stop rolling on Wednesday.

People in a bus

According to WIFR bus drivers will strike on Wednesday it there is no new contract in place. The RMTD driver's contracts expired almost a year ago. There have been a bunch of meetings with the possibility of reaching an agreement but the union has turned down RMTD’s final offer.

So what does this mean for us? No RMTD buses rolling in Rockford would be quite devastating. There are so many Rockford residents that rely on RMTD daily. Getting to work, appointments, the list of needs is endless. There could be those that lose jobs because of this strike. What about those that use the buses as a way to get to a vital doctors appointment, this could be a matter of life of death for some.

There are a total of 84 drivers that will not be driving if/when this strike happens on Wednesday.

For the sake of Rockford residents that rely on RMTD daily, let's hope an agreement can be reached soon.

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