At the Belvidere Walgreens, someone wanted an UP FRONT parking spot, in the worst way!

I came across this picture on Facebook, taken by Dave Stoltz. I have sooo many questions. OK let's start with the actual picture:

Dave Stoltz
Dave Stoltz

Oh boy, where to start. Now, I can tell you that Walgreens is one of my wife's favorite stores...She's a "regular" at Walgreens, but I don't think she has ever attempted parking THIS close. I really shouldn't give her any ideas.

You have your photo department, the pharmacy, maybe you stop by for a greeting card...I still don't see the need to be THAT close to the front door.

Can you imagine the rate of speed that this car had to hit, to wedge itself sideways like that? Plus, to launch a vehicle takes a little extra something too!

I think I found something though, I think this is a "thing." Parking super close, and/or crashing through the front of a Walgreens has happened before. Take a look at this:

This video from the St. Louis area, was taken after a car crashed into the front of a Walgreens location, and then TOOK OFF! Yes the person fled, kicked the car into reverse and got the heck out of dodge. "Grab me some pretzel nuggets, and get out of there!"

So was this a potential "copycat" situation that did it wrong? If you look at that picture again, they were SO CLOSE...But just missed it.

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