Jumpin Joe's in Freeport is home to the craziest, most creative, "that's a full meal," biggest and totally bad ass Bloody Mary's around. Whoa...What is going on here?

Located in the 4 Seasons Bowling Center in Freeport, my buddy Rich has put together a Bloody Mary menu that is unlike anything I've ever witnessed. If you need a Sunday "hair of the dog" that serves as the only meal you will eat that day, this is for you.

Rich is a creative fella, he once ran an independent pro wrestling federation. So chair shots, power bombs and inverted atomic drops, have been replaced by GIANT BLOODY MARY'S.

Some of these most unique "Bloody's," include corn on the cob, a taco bowl, a meatball sub, and spaghetti and meatballs. Oh and there's plenty of booze. Check out some of these creations:

Next up for Rich, burgers...I am VERY curious about how those go.

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