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In 2021, getting the kids together with grandma and grandpa is a reality. But when, how soon, what's the safest way to do it?

From MyStateline the grandparents are missing the grandkids and this years the reunion can happen, but following these steps in the process is key. First off, grandparents should receive BOTH doses of the COVID-19 vaccines. Secondly, after grandma and grandpa get both doses, it's important to wait a few more weeks before a get together.

“You will be about 95% protected, but there’s still the risk you could get the virus, there are still asymptomatic transmissions that can happen.” - Dr. Henry Anyimadu, infectious disease specialist Hartford HealthCare 

The good news is, Dr. Anyimadu paints a picture of the reunited family members fully happening this year....just as long as you give yourself a few weeks after getting the two shots. At this point, waiting a few more weeks to put together a lifetime of memories isn't that bad.

“When we see about 70 to 85% of Americans vaccinated then we can begin to talk about herd immunity. In that case, there will be nowhere for the virus to live. We won’t be creating homes for the virus anymore and hopefully, it will fizzle out.” - Dr. Henry Anyimadu, infectious disease specialist Hartford HealthCare 

Herd immunity...family get togethers, CONCERTS, fully opened bars and restaurants. Let's get at it people, 2021 is going to be our bounce back.


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