A California company is recalling all of it's frozen tuna.

Tuna, yuck! I can't stand the stuff. My husband on the other hand loves it. I'll absolutely have to check what we have at the house to make sure.

Tuna Recall
Brand X Pictures, ThinkStock

WIFR reports that a California company, Osamu, is recalling all of it's frozen tuna.

Specifically, The Frozen Tuna Yellow Fin Chunk Meat (Lot #68568) that was shipped to AFC from 05/20/15 to 05/26/15. AFC has removed the product from the marketplace and is destroying any remaining product it has.

The tuna came from an Indonesian processing plant which is fearing salmonella contamination.

This tuna has been sold in bulk to both grocery stores and sushi restaurants nationwide.

For more information on the recall, visit the FDA.