Even if the official first day of fall isn't until September 23rd, a lot of us have all start celebrating the most wonderful time of the year Halloween.

The first of September marks the beginning of All Hallows Eve season and this Friday we're in for a spooky lunar phenomenon.

Full moon and lonely tree
Balazs Kovacs

Not only is this Friday, Friday the 13th, but it's also a rare Harvest Moon that will appear across the country.

The Old Farmer's Almanac describes a Harvest Moon as a full moon that appears nearest to the beginning of fall or the autumn equinox. Normally coinciding with the September full moon, but sometimes happens in October.

What makes a Harvest Moon special is that it rises 30 minutes later than the day before, where a typical moonrise is on an average 50 minutes later each night. Meaning that for several days after the first appearance of the Harvest Moon, moonrise will come shortly after sunset and give us a more dramatic look to our early evening.

A full Harvest Moon on a Friday the 13th as we start preparing for the Halloween season, Spooky! I LOVE IT!!

For those of us that live in the Central time zone, the fall moon will appear soon after the sun sets on Friday.

What makes the appearance of this Harvest Moon on a Friday the 13the so rare?

A full moon such as this won't happen again until August 13, 2049, that's a good two decades away. The previous full moon that landed on a Friday the 13th was October 13, 2000.

So don't forget to pause your Jason Voorhees moment to check out this spooky rare phenom!

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