For some 'sheltering in place' where marijuana is legal isn't so bad. I know plenty of adults who have logged more Fortnite hours than they normally would while enjoying some legal recreational cannabis. (Most of them kidless, so I envy the number of naps they get too.)

Fresh Homemade Chocolate Brownie

But be advised that your edibles need to always be out of the reach of your kids and your dog if you have one.

Over the weekend, let's just say a friend of mine, didn't put their special granola up high enough for their dog not to find it.

After a quick Google search, trying to get the dog to vomit that didn't work, they called the Animal Emergency Clinic of Rockford and took the dog in.

I'm told they were there waiting in their car (curbside care because of COVID-19) from 9p to 1:30a. They said it was a valuable and costly lesson on always knowing where their stash is.

Marijuana and even some household plants can be very toxic to our four-legged friends.

If you happen to find yourself in a similar situation this link will help guide you through the first 2 hours until you can get to your vet.

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