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After Illinois just hit the one year "anniversary" of going into shutdown mode this week, now word comes that we will be working our way toward a full REOPEN soon. MyStateline

Later this week, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker will hold a press conference announcing the Phase 5, Illinois "Fully Reopening Plan." This means concerts, festivals, conventions, did we say concerts??

What needs to happen according to the head of the state of Illinois health department:

  • A majority of seniors vaccinated
  • Reach benchmarks for overall vaccinations state wide and COVID-19 related deaths

The state is moving right along to reach these goals for sure.  Illinois is also obtaining enough vaccines to make them fully available.

“Each month the supply increases and we are fulfilling on the major demand that exists now and we will get to the point where there will be a vaccine for anybody, anytime they ask for it,” - J.B Pritzker

COVID case totals are the lowest since last July, and the state should had enough for everyone by June.

The state of Illinois is currently in Phase 4 and while masks will probably be staying put for these events, we will be able to return to what has been missing in our lives...concerts! Sure there is more to life, check that no there isn't. Live music is more than a "hearing" your favorite songs event. It hits on all of your senses and makes you feel alive.

Let's go Illinois, it's time for Phase 5 and for the state to fully reopen.

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