This video makes me thing that primates will rule the world.

I first watched 'Rise of The Planet of the Apes' with James Franco from the comfort of my couch. (Yes, I know, I have never seen the original.) The idea of primates ruling the world freaked me out.

I sat for the next 3 hours listening to the animals rustle around in my backyard plotting their takeover of my humble abode. Lucky for me, my house wasn't overtaken by the family of skunks under my back porch or the family of raccoon in my back tree.

In the video below, one smart chimp is playing a game that you and I would never be able to accomplish. Maybe I shouldn't say never, but come on this game is hard!

For a split second, the chimp is shown the numbers 1 through 9. Each number is covered by a white box. The object of the game is to touch each white box in numerical order. Watch as this chimp dominates the game.