Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Illinois, it has been a real struggle to buy groceries, especially meat. At the beginning of this mess my husband suggested we buy a meat box and a ton of ground beef from a local butcher, and I kinda thought he was overreacting, but now I'm incredibly thankful we have a freezer full of meat!

Until recently, local butchers were the place to go to buy meat, because their supplies were much better than the grocery stores, but now they are feeling the massive effects of the meat shortage as well.  Many have been forced to make adjustments to how their business operates, including Pinnon Meats on N Court St. in Rockford...

If you would like to jump on placing a meat order for this weekend, call Pinnon Meats today at 815-962-0131.

Most meat shops throughout the Stateline have altered their hours and amount of product that customers can purchase at one time. The best rule of thumb may be to call before you go. Some meat shops, like Pinnon's, will take phone orders, while others are limiting purchases to in-store only, but all of them are doing their absolute best to make sure they have the meat people need to feed their families.

Stay safe, and shop local!

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