This Illinois man had the perfect crime set up...Walk into Walmart, walk out with $300 in electronics, get in his car and split. Like taking candy from a baby. The difference being there's no baby, no candy, and no getaway car, oops! ChicagoTrib

Che Hearn didn't really get a good a "theft" out of it anyway. When it was all said and done, he, faced one count of misdemeanor retail theft with merchandise valued at less than $300. Not exactly a big "take" there Che. Besides he didn't have a car to make the dash anyway.

When Che was inside Walmart, his car was being repossessed. That's right, as he was stealing under $300 in electronics, he was getting his car repossessed. This brilliant plan by a brilliant guy fell apart from top to bottom. His score was weak, and then he didn't have a way to get the item(s) home! Epic fail on all levels.

So when he got ready to leave with his stolen merch, no car. he then put the stolen merch back into a cart, he was confronted by store employees and he took off.

Cops rolled up on him as he was hoofing it home and made the arrest.

Round Lake Beach Police
Round Lake Beach Police

No stolen merch, no getaway car, no nothing...Just a big fail. Sorry Che. Mr. Hearn was released from custody on a recognizance bond after being charged where filed for  retail theft.

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Say cheese, Illinois!



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